Florida Mother Quisha King Calls for Mass Exodus From Woke Public School System to Avoid Their Children Being Indoctrinated With Critical Race Theory: ‘We Have to Pull Our Children Out’

A Florida mother has called for a ‘mass exodus’ from the increasingly liberal public school system, saying it is parents’ only choice to avoid their kids being indoctrinated with CRT.

Quisha King made the remarks on Thursday night at the Pray Vote Stand Summit, an event by the Family Research Council in Leesburg, Virginia. She was one of many speakers and panelists who spoke on stage about their efforts to squash woke agendas being pushed in schools and the military.

King lives in Jacksonville, Florida, with her three children. The 40-year-old is an outspoken CRT critic who campaigns against it with her activist group, Moms For Liberty. She previously worked as a regional coordinator for the Republican National Committee (RNC) and describes herself as a communications and marketing expert.

She voted Democrat until 2016, when she says she found God and stopped seeing her life purely through the lens of ‘being Black’. She started voting Republican afterward.

On Thursday, she said the Biden administration had become so forceful in its fight against conservative families that parents now face the prospect of having the FBI knock on their door while they’re making sandwiches for their kids if they disagree with woke school boards.

She was referring to the recent memo by Attorney General Merrick Garland that the FBI must now investigate reports of parents ‘threatening’ teachers they disagree with. Garland issued the memo on Monday in a shocking move that had Republicans across the board up in arms. They said it was the worst overreach yet on parents’ free speech.

It was the final straw for King, who says now the only solution is to ‘pull kids out’ of schools.

‘I really think at this point, the only thing to do is have a mass exodus from the school system. That’s it,’ she said Thursday night.

She was speaking on a panel called The Battle for America’s Classrooms: Fighting Indoctrination on a National Scale, and had been asked how pervasive CRT was in public schools and what the solution was.

‘It is extremely pervasive. I don’t think parents realize just how pervasive it is,’ King said. ‘In Duval County, I found CRT workshops and events as far back as 2011.’

‘Understanding that they are not kidding, this is not going away, the enemy has no chill and is advancing forward as fast – we can see it – we’re at home trying to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for your kids and the FBI could be knocking at your door because you said the wrong thing at a school board meeting.’

‘These people are serious,’ she continued. ‘They want to silence us and shut us down. I really think at this point, the only thing to do is have a mass exodus from the school system. That’s it.’

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Source: Daily Mail