Trump Makes Another Unwise Statement Regarding Black People That Will Haunt Him to His Grave. It’s One Thing to Not Want Your Country Overrun by Foreigners of Any Race but to Suggest They Have AIDS Is Just Insane and Our Evangelical White Brethren Ought to Join Me in Condemning This Foolishness: Trump Says Many Haitian Migrants ‘Probably Have AIDS’ and the US Is Taking on a ‘death Wish’ by Accepting Them: Biden Administration Braces for Latest Caravan of 60,000 Marching on Border

Donald Trump told Fox News on Thursday night that he thought Haitian migrants coming to the US ‘will probably have AIDS.’

The former president said accepting the asylum-seekers would be a ‘death wish’ for the US.

A record-shattering number of Haitian migrants have come to the US in the last month, and the trend doesn’t appear to be stopping as more people continue to pour into the Colombian town of Necocli, a popular spot for smugglers to shepherd people through the perilous Darien Gap.

The Darien Gap is a 66-mile stretch of rainforest between North and South America. Its dangerous terrain is part of the reason it’s been left undeveloped and why it poses such a great risk to the people crossing it now.

More than 70,000 migrants have traveled through the Darien Gap this year, Panamanian authorities have said.

Most of the migrants in recent months have been Haitians, many of whom had been living in Chile and Brazil since the 2010 Haitian earthquake.

‘So, we have hundreds of thousands of people flowing in from Haiti. Haiti has a tremendous AIDS problem. AIDS is a step beyond. AIDS is a real bad problem,’ Trump told host Sean Hannity.

‘Many of those people will probably have AIDS and they’re coming into our country. And we don’t do anything about it. We let everybody come in.’

He added, ‘Sean, it’s like a death wish. It’s like a death wish for our country.’

Trump infamously once referred to Haiti as a ‘sh*thole country’ during a meeting with bipartisan senators at the White House in 2018.

At another point in the interview Trump claimed without proof that ’50 countries’ including Honduras, Mexico and El Salvador are ’emptying their prisons’ and sending inmates to the US.

‘I hear it’s 50 countries, they’re emptying out their prisons into the United States,’ he said. ‘Some of the toughest people on Earth are being dumped into the United States because they don’t want them.’

‘So these people that are the roughest prisoners there are anywhere are being dumped into the United States for us to take care of them.’

He said ‘hundreds of thousands of people’ were pouring in every two weeks.

Nearly 28,000 Haitian migrants were encountered by Border Patrol agents along the US-Mexico border in Fiscal Year 2021, which ended September 30.

In 2020, the number was 4,395.

‘We have hundreds of thousands of people pouring in every two weeks, and coming from countries – we don’t even know from where they’re coming and you know, they’re emptying out many countries,’ Trump said.

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Source: Daily Mail