Biden Admits He Pulled Strings to Get His Friend’s Wife Into a Pennsylvania Hospital Ahead of Other Sick People

President Biden admitted that he personally called a hospital desk on Wednesday night to see what was going on when a friend’s wife could not bee seen at a Pennsylvania hospital overwhelmed with Covid-19 patients.

Biden said his friend’s ‘significant other’ had fallen ill, with difficulty breathing and a high fever. Biden said his friend called him after he’d rushed her to the hospital, where the emergency room told her she couldn’t be seen because ‘things were so crowded, so backed up.’

‘I called the desk, received the nurse and asked what the situation was,’ the president said in remarks on coronavirus vaccine requirements.

‘I wasn’t complaining,’ Biden, speaking at a construction site in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, said.

‘Doctors and nurses, some of them are just, they’re running dry. I really mean it. They’re getting the living hell kicked out of them—sometimes physically.’

Biden did not reveal whether his call had helped get his friend’s significant other to be seen by a doctor, or any other details about the story.

He then got back to touting his vaccine mandates, where all military and government workers are required to get the jab and businesses with over 100 employees must require vaccination or a weekly Covid-19 test.

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Source: Daily Mail