Appeal Court Judges Reinstate Texas’ Ban on Abortions After Six Weeks

Texas’s six-week abortion ban is back in effect again after the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday granted a temporary, emergency stay of this week’s preliminary injunction, which temporarily blocked the law, while the state prepares its formal appeal.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton asked the US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, one of the most conservative in the US, to issue an emergency stay before Tuesday’s appeal US District Judge Robert Pitman’s preliminary injunction blocked the restrictive law.

Pitman, in a ruling late on Wednesday, put on hold the law, which prohibits women from obtaining an abortion after about six weeks of pregnancy.

The state quickly took its case to the conservative appeals court.

‘It is ordered that Appellant’s emergency motion to stay the preliminary injunction pending appeal is temporary held in abeyance pending further order by this motions panel,’ read the ruling.

‘Appellee is directed to respond to the emergency by 5 pm Tuesday, October 12, 2021.’

‘It is ordered that Appellant’s alternative motion for a temporary administrative stay pending the court’s consideration of the emergency motion is granted.’

Paxton applauded the appellate court’s decision while vowing to fight federal intervention on the ruling.

‘Great news tonight, The Fifth Circuit has granted an administrative stay on #SB8,’ Paxton tweeted.

‘I will fight federal overreach at every turn.’

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Source: Daily Mail