64-year-old disabled teacher is hospitalized after 18-year-old female student punched her in the face as part of sick ‘slap a teacher’ TikTok challenge

A 64-year-old disabled English teacher has been hospitalized after student Larianna Jackson (top right), 18, punched her in the face as part of a TikTok challenge. The incident happened at Covington High School in Louisiana (bottom right). Jackson has been arrested and charged with battery of a school teacher – punishable as a felony. She is being held at St Tammany Parish Jail until her trial. ‘Slap a teacher’ was October’s ‘challenge’ on a list of monthly prompts circulating TikTok although the app denies any such trend on the app. In September’s ‘devious licks’ challenge students posted videos of themselves vandalizing school bathrooms and stealing soap dispensers.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail