How New Zealand’s out-of-control Delta outbreak and harsh lockdowns could bring down Jacinda Ardern – just a year after her popularity hit record highs

New Zealand’s strict lockdowns and slow vaccination uptake during the Delta outbreak could see popularity for nation’s most loved Prime Minister falter.

Jacinda Ardern’s popularity was at a record high in May last year, she was praised for her prompt response to Covid that saw the country’s death toll limited to 26.

However, the Labour Party leader’s strategy of shutting her country’s borders and the nation’s glacial vaccine rollout, has put a strain on her once soaring popularity.

Since New Zealand’s Delta variant outbreak reached Auckland contact tracers have scrambled to track cases, despite a string of lockdowns to contain the virus.

The nation recorded 29 new community Covid-19 cases on Thursday bringing the total number of active infections to 1,448.

After a series of lockdowns Ms Ardern has decided to scrap the country’s elimination strategy in favour of a three-stage road map that takes into account vaccination rates.

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Source: Daily Mail