China Is Outraged and Calls for the Elimination of Invaders in Taiwan as American Marines Are in Taiwan; Daniel Whyte III Tells President Biden to Do Everything You Can to Avoid War With China, Russia, and Iran, Because God Is Not With You and God Is Not With America, and It’s Not Just Your Fault. It’s the Fault of the Church, the Family, and the Government, the Three Great Institutions That God Created and That We Have Corrupted and Defiled. Regarding the Government’s Fault in This, It Spans Over the Last Three Presidential Administrations, Starting With Obama’s, Then Trump’s, and Then Yours, Because All Three Administrations Have Sanctioned the Terminal Abomination and Sin of Homosexuality and Most of the Church, Yes, Even Conservative Evangelicals, Have Been in Collusion With All Three Administrations and Have Betrayed Christ and Taken the 30 Pieces of Silver as Judas Did.

China is outraged and calls for the elimination of invaders in Taiwan as American marines are in Taiwan; Daniel Whyte III tells President Biden to do everything you can to avoid war with China, Russia, and Iran, because God is not with you and God is not with America, and it’s not just your fault. It’s the fault of the church, the family, and the government, the three great institutions that God created and that we have corrupted and defiled. Regarding the government’s fault in this, it spans over the last three presidential administrations, starting with Obama’s, then Trump’s, and then yours, because all three administrations have sanctioned the terminal abomination and sin of homosexuality and most of the church, yes, even conservative evangelicals, have been in collusion with all three administrations and have betrayed Christ and taken the 30 pieces of silver as Judas did.

Leaders in China almost immediately expressed outrage Thursday at a new report indicating the U.S. has secretly stationed forces on Taiwan in an attempt to bolster the island nation’s defenses against the increasing likelihood of an attack from the mainland.

The Wall Street Journal first reported that a small unit of special operations forces have been based in Taiwan for at least a year to train local military forces – a move China has previously said would violate contentious agreements between Washington and Beijing that have maintained a fragile security understanding regarding Taiwan for decades. Asian outlets first reported last year the possible presence of Marines there.

“Why just two dozen members? Why secretly? The US should send 240 servicemen publicly, in US military uniform, and make public where they are stationed,” Hu Xijin, the editor in chief of China’s English language Global Times, considered a mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, wrote in a tweet accompanying the Journal’s article. He added of China’s military, “See whether the PLA will launch a targeted air strike to eliminate those US invaders!”

China has previously indicated it would retaliate swiftly and immediately to any indication the U.S. had deployed military forces to Taiwan. When Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican, claimed without explanation in August that the U.S. had roughly 30,000 forces on Taiwan, state news in Beijing fired back that, if true, the Chinese military would “crush them by force.”

What have previously been downplayed as idle threats have taken on new potency in recent days, following China’s steady deployment of aircraft into Taiwan’s air defense zone on an unprecedented scale. Dozens of warplanes entered Taiwanese Air Defense Identification Zone – technically outside the island’s self-described airspace – on Friday and Saturday, the date of China’s annual celebration marking the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, followed by more than 50 on Monday, almost doubling the scale of its largest previous provocation in June.

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Source: US News