There’s a Devil Loose: Uighur Reveals Chinese Guards Regularly Had Inmates Gang-rape One Another

A former inmate of a Uighur detention camp has revealed how he was ordered to bend over by prison guards so that other detainees could gang rape him.

The whistleblower gave his account to CNN who also interviewed an ex-cop who described how he would beat children as young as 14 and that he regularly witnessed both men and women being battered by guards.

Torture methods included chaining inmates to metal chairs, hanging them from the ceiling, sexual violence, electrocutions and waterboarding.

The testimonies raise new concerns over Beijing’s treatment of the Uighur Muslim minority at so-called ‘re-education’ camps in the northern Xinjiang province.

Sanctions imposed by London, Washington and Brussels appear to have failed to stop the Chinese Communist Party from committing the ‘genocide.’

Abduweli Ayup, a 48-year-old Uighur scholar, says he was detained in August 2013 by armed police after he opened a nursery to teach children their native language.

On his first night at a detention camp in the city of Kashgar, he says he was raped by a dozen Chinese inmates who were ordered to do so by prison guards.

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Source: Daily Mail