Professor slams his UCLA suspension as a ‘publicity stunt’ to distract from the school’s ‘horrible reputation for racism’ after he refused to grade black students more leniently

A longtime accounting professor at the University of California in Los Angeles who was allegedly disciplined for refusing to grade black students more leniently has accused the university of using his suspension as a ‘publicity stunt’.

Gordon Klein — who filed a lawsuit against UCLA last week — appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight and slammed the university for attempting to depict him as a racist in, what he says, is an attempt to improve their image.

‘They decided they’ve got a horrible reputation for racism, bias, and instability within the school of management where I teach, and so they decided that they’d make an example out of me to rehabilitate their own reputation as a publicity stunt, and that’s all it was,’ he said during his Monday evening interview.

Klein argued that UCLA should ‘be shaking in its boots right now’ because his case has a ‘100 percent change of prevailing’ if he gets a fair trial.

He also called the situation ironic, pointing out that his role at the university included teaching ethics to students.

‘The irony is they hired me to teach law and ethics to students and guess what? I’m now going to teach them a lesson in law and ethics,’ Klein shared.

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Source: Daily Mail