More Than a Fad: Why a Growing Number of Parents Are Opting to Homeschool Their Children

There’s a boom happening in homeschooling in America. The number of children taught by their parents has doubled since COVID lockdowns began. This includes a significant spike in black families who have switched to home education for the first time.

When COVID-19 hit the US last year, public schools, much like other institutions, were forced to shut down.

Students and families struggled with remote learning. But now that classrooms are reopened some kids are still home and many parents have turned into teachers.

Krystle Lynch recently turned her Apopka, FL home into a classroom for her three boys. That also means teaching three grade levels, third, fifth, and high school.

“I didn’t like what I was seeing with the numbers in Florida of course with the virus,” Lynch told CBN News. “I felt that there was too much back and forth with the mask-wearing and no mask-wearing and things that were happening with that that I didn’t really like in particular.”

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Source: CBN