Israel says Iran is Behind Failed Terror Attack Against Israelis in Cyprus

JERUSALEM, Israel – Iran was behind an attempted terror attack against Israelis in Cyprus last week, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s spokesman revealed on Monday.

Some reports initially claimed that the thwarted attack was an assassination attempt against Israeli billionaire Teddy Sagi over his business dealings. But the Israeli government disputed those reports and said on Monday that the incident was really an attempt by Iran to attack Israelis in Cyprus.

“As opposed to some of the reports yesterday regarding an incident in Cyprus, I can clarify on behalf of the security establishment, that this was an act of terror that was orchestrated by Iran against Israeli businesspeople living in Cyprus,” Bennett’s spokesman Matan Sidi said.

“This is not a criminal act and the Israeli businessman Teddy Sagi was not the target of the attack,” he added.

The Teddy Sagi Group also released a statement rejecting early reports that the billionaire was the target of an assassination.

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Source: CBN