Christian Brother Urban Meyer, Coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Is Caught in an Adulterous Situation While His Wife Was Home Babysitting Their Grandchildren; No Wonder They’re Losing, and This Is a Bad Example for His Out-and-out Christian Brother Quarterback Trevor Lawrence

Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer has become trending topic on Twitter after a video of a young blonde woman seen trying to grind up on him at a bar became viral on Saturday.

In the short clip that only lasts five seconds, married Meyer appears to be sitting on a barstool and wearing white shorts and a pink long-sleeved Ohio State sweatshirt.

A blonde woman in jeans can be seen dancing in front of him, as Meyer’s arms interpose between his and the woman’s bodies.

The video shared by Twitter account @ChiefSVP has racked up more than 2,000 likes.

More pictures of Meyer drinking next to other women at the same bar surfaced shortly after the video became viral.

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Source: Daily Mail