‘Baby Roe’ says her biological mother Norma McCorvey ‘didn’t deserve’ to meet her before she died and ‘just wanted the publicity’: Shelley Thornton, now 51, says she fears people blame her for abortion being legal in first ever TV interview

The baby at the center of Roe vs Wade has spoken out on camera for the first time to say she fears people blame her for abortion being legal and explain why she never met her biological mother Norma McCorvey in person, after speaking to her on the phone once as a teenager and getting the sense she only ever wanted to use her for publicity.

Shelley Lynn Thornton, now 51, is the biological daughter of Norma McCorvey – Jane Roe – the Kansas cleaner who fought to win abortion rights for women across America and won the landmark case known as Roe v Wade in 1973.

She had already given birth to Shelley and put her up for adoption by the time the case was settled. McCorvey died in 2017, without ever meeting Shelley in person.

On Monday, Shelley appeared on Good Morning America for her first ever TV interview. Her identity was only made public in September by The Atlantic.

‘A lot of people didn’t know I existed,’ she said, adding she fears the world blames her for abortion being legal.

‘It doesn’t revolve around me, I wasn’t the one who created this law. I’m not the one who created this movement. I had nothing to do with it. I was just a little itty-bitty thing and, you know, circumstances prevailed.

‘My whole thinking is that, “oh God everybody is going to hate me because everyone is going to blame me for abortion being legal,’ she said.

Her interview comes amid fresh debate over abortion in America after Texas recently passed the heartbeat bill – a law that bans abortion after an embryo is 6 weeks old – and as the newly convened, conservative Supreme Court prepares to hear a case from Mississippi’s last remaining abortion clinic.

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Source: Daily Mail