China flies 25 aircraft including nuclear bombers into Taiwan’s airspace in the largest incursion for three months as tensions continue to build

China has flown 25 aircraft into Taiwan’s airspace in the largest incursion for months as tensions in the region continue to build.

Taipei said 22 fighters including 18 J-16 jets and four Su-30s accompanied two nuclear-capable H-6 bombers and one Y-8 recon plane on a mission Friday.

Fighters were scrambled in response while radio warnings were broadcast and missile defences activated to monitor the situation, Taiwan’s military said.

It is the largest number of aircraft to enter Taiwan’s ‘air defence identification zone’ since June 15, when 28 aircraft approached the island.

The mission comes amid mounting tensions in the region, following the AUKUS submarine pact which has enraged Beijing.

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Source: Daily Mail