‘This is a monumental failure!’ ABC insider slams The View for creating a ‘national security risk’ after co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro test positive for Covid just seconds before welcoming VP Kamala Harris

The pair were dramatically ordered off set seconds before Harris walked out in front of a live audience, leaving producers scrambling

An ABC insider has accused The View of ‘monumental failure’ after two of the show’s stars were pulled off the air after testing positive for COVID-19 just seconds before they were scheduled to greet Vice President Kamala Harris.

Co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro were booted from Friday morning’s live broadcast after returning the positive results at the eleventh hour. The bombshell news caused chaos on the show’s set and forced Harris to delay her interview, which was eventually conducted via video link from another room at ABC’s New York studios.

‘This is a monumental failure on the part of the showrunner Brian Teta, ABC News’ Kim Goodwin and Disney’s Peter Rice,’ the anonymous insider exclusively told DailyMail.com.

‘This is a national security risk. Had Sunny and Ana actually met Kamala, she would’ve been at risk. What an utter waste of her time. I doubt we’ll be able to book her again.’

Hostin and Navarro were sitting on stage alongside co-hosts Joy Behar and Sara Haines shortly after 10am Friday as they prepared to welcome Harris to their table.  But the introduction was dramatically interrupted by showrunner Teta, who yelled for Hostin and Navarro to leave the room.

Later on Friday night, Navarro said she had since had two negative COVID-19 tests.

During the show earlier in the day, Behar and Haines were left on stage, scrambling to fill air time. The pair spent several minutes taking viewer questions in scenes described by one columnist as ‘an absolute trainwreck’. Harris was eventually set up in a back room, and conducted a shortened interview with Behar and Haines remotely.

The ABC insider says Friday morning’s broadcast blunder was indicative of the chaos that occurs behind the scenes at the daytime show.

‘It shows how poorly mismanaged the show is… Kim Goodwin and Peter Rice need to step in and take control of this show, as it truly is a s**t show that they both have no control over.’

The ABC insider told DailyMail.com that Behar – who is 78 years old – has been particularly concerned about contracting COVID, and that lax testing had put the veteran star at risk.

‘Joy is an elderly woman pushing 80, regardless of her vaccination status, she needs to be protected and they have failed in their duty of care,’ the source fumed.

‘Over the summer, Joy had been very vocal to ABC management about her concerns returning to the studio, they could’ve exposed her to great danger.

‘Remember Joy was one of the first hosts to work from home when the pandemic began. This is just simply unacceptable to do this to her.

The source said The View’s original co-creator, Barbara Walters, once had tight control over the production.

However, they claimed the show has spiraled out of control since Teta joined six seasons ago.

‘Brian has no control at all. Had Barbara Walters still been there none of this would’ve been allowed to happen.

‘Barbara used to run this place with an iron fist, Brian just rolls over and lets chaos ensue. The hosts have too much power, they literally answer to no one.

‘His a** should be on the line for this.’

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