The coronavirus plague has caused many people to Quit their jobs: 50% of American Workers Say Plague-Pandemic Has Led Them to Reevaluate Their Career Choice

The global impact of COVID-19 has been wide-ranging, from economic hardship to creating a need for positive change. While workplaces scramble to fill openings, many Americans are seeking a fresh perspective due to fallout from the pandemic. A record quitting spree resulted in four million people leaving their jobs in April and another four million in June. Almost 50% of American workers say the pandemic has led them to reevaluate their job.

“I think the pandemic reveals our mortality,” said Pastor Tim Yee, author of Finding Your TruCenter. “So whenever you come close to death, whether it’s [a] sickness in some form or a near-death experience, life gets really clear.”

Pastor Yee is working alongside research fellows at Barna Group, examining the ebb-and-flow from the workplace, churches, and universities; it turns out four out of five adults believe life’s ultimate goal is happiness. Their goal is to help others find life’s purpose by connecting their work-life with their faith.

“The three main questions people wrestle with are: Who am I, what’s my identity? Where do I fit in, what’s my sense of belonging to some sort of community of purpose? And what am I here to do?” said Sr. Research Fellow Brook Hempell.

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Source: CBN