Piers Morgan says James Bond is about the last real man standing in Hollywood and if the woke warriors dare make him a woman I’m going to campaign for Wonder Woman to be a man

They used to say the only two absolute certainties in life were death and taxes.

But we can now add a third nailed-down guarantee to the list: the woke brigade will ruin everything that’s good or fun in life.

James Bond is one of my all-time favourite movie characters, along with Rocky Balboa, Maverick and Michael Corleone.

To me, 007 epitomises everything a man should strive to be: he’s handsome, intelligent, courageous, tough, eloquent, witty, suave, sophisticated, determined, and ruthless when he needs to be.

There’s more: he barely ages, he drives Aston Martins (the world’s coolest cars), he dresses immaculately, he cheats death more often than the most reckless cat, and he kills a lot of very bad people in the pursuit of protecting the good guys.

Little wonder that for decades, most (real) men have yearned to be like Bond, and most (real) women have yearned to bed him.

From Sean Connery to Roger Moore, and Pierce Brosnan to Daniel Craig, the men chosen to play Bond have exuded the steely-eyed, testosterone-fuelled, deadly charm required to keep the franchise at the very top of its Hollywood game for six decades.

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Source: Daily Mail