For Those of Us Who Grew Up on the Jetsons, We’re in Their Age Right Now: Amazon Announces Robot That Roams Around Your House

Amazon revealed a camera-equipped home robot Tuesday that users can deploy to patrol their houses, a device that one of the project’s developers said was making science fiction a reality.

The tech giant cheered the “Astro” robot as a breakthrough for security and convenience, but digital watchdogs raised concerns for potential risks to people’s most private moments at home.

Astro is a roughly two-foot (60 centimeters) tall and 20-pound (nine kilograms) device that can map out a house floor plan and obey commands to go to a specific place to take a closer look with its telescoping camera.

“Now when you are away, you can use it to proactively patrol your home and investigate activity,” Amazon executive Dave Limp said in a product launch clip.

The device, which can work with Amazon’s digital home assistant Alexa, can be taught to recognize faces and learn the habits of household members.

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Source: Yahoo