WATCH: Little Dog Waves at Shoppers Visiting a Supermarket in Brazil

The canine patiently waits for customers to enter or exit the store before offering them a wave

This is the adorable moment a rescue dog raised her paw and waved at shoppers visiting a supermarket in Brazil.

Footage captured in Catanduva, Sao Paulo, shows the friendly dog named Agusta patiently sitting outside the store and greeting customers as they enter or exit.

The dog eagerly waits for people to approach before raising her paw and waving it in their direction.

Some shoppers stop to give the dog a gentle stroke on the head.

Owner Jeferson Alexandre Rodrigues, 53, said he adopted Agusta in 2019 after reading about the animal on social media.

The canine had been found by a rescue group bruised, unable to walk and trembling with fear before she was hospitalised for a week.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Bhvishya Patel