Ohio Senate Hopeful J.D. Vance Says ‘We Need to Allow Conservatives and Christians to Actually Live Their Values’

While the 2022 midterm elections are more than a year out, state primary campaigns are already well underway. Both parties want candidates that will help break the 50-50 tie in the U.S. Senate. In Ohio, Republicans hope to hang on to retiring Senator Rob Portman’s seat and there’s a crowded field of eager candidates hoping to take his place.

CBN News recently spoke with Ohio Senate hopeful J.D. Vance who believes it’s time for strong leaders in Washington.

“I just feel like people don’t actually have somebody that stands up and fights for them, that’s willing to speak loudly and powerfully on the issues that they care about,” Vance told CBN News.

Vance says his key issues are securing the southern border, bringing jobs back to the United States, and breaking up big tech companies.

“I think people are really worried about censorship,” Vance explained. “They’re really worried, whether at their workplaces or on social media, can they actually speak their mind, can they actually speak about Christian values without being shut down?”

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Source: CBN