Pray: Police looking for missing 19-year-old Florida college student ‘find signs of struggle inside her apartment’ including blood on a pillow, blocked bedroom door and unlocked window

Authorities in Florida are desperately searching for a 19-year-old college student who vanished from her apartment on Friday, leaving behind signs of a violent struggle, including bloodstains on a pillow.

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Miya Marcano was last seen at around 5pm on September 24 at the Arden Villas apartments on Arden Villas Boulevard in Orlando, where she lives and works in the leasing office.

Marcano’s family said Miya, who attends Valencia College, was scheduled to catch a flight to Fort Lauderdale that night, but she never made it to the airport.

Marcano lives at the Arden Villas apartments in Orlando and also works in the leasing office

When deputies searched Miya’s apartment, they found that someone had blocked the door to her bedroom, reported Fox 35.

The window in the bedroom was unlocked, and the room was disarray. A bloodstain was discovered on the missing woman’s pillow, raising concerns for Marcano’s safety.

Miya’s father, local DJ Marlon Marcano, posted on social media: ‘there were signs of struggle in her apartment — and she may be in danger.’

The sheriff’s office has not said whether Marcano’s disappearance is being treated as a criminal matter.

Marcano’s loved ones on Sunday held a prayer village outside the apartment building

Neighbor Anastasia Holland described Miya to News4Jax as shy and friendly, but ‘on the quiet side.’

On Sunday, Miya’s family and friends held a prayer vigil outside her apartment building and begged for her safe return.

‘All we ask you is help us bring Miya home,’ said Joysue Thompson, Marcano’s grandmother. ‘Bring her home safe. Drop her off. Let us know where she is. We will pick her up. Just bring her home.’

Deputies on Sunday searched a wooded area near the apartment complex and also used a helicopter to look for clues from the air.

Marcano is a student at Valencia College in Orlando. She is pictured above on her 18th birthday
Marcano, pictured with her father, Marlon, was set to fly out to Fort Lauderdale on Friday, but she never made it. Her dad wrote online ‘she may be in danger’

Marcano’s father on Sunday posted on his Instagram page an impassioned plea addressed directly to his daughter: ‘Mimi, my heart is aching. I haven’t slept or eaten in days. Where are you baby??? Your whole family is here looking for you. We will not stop until you’re back home. I’m slowly losing my mind over here. Never have we ever gone so long without even a text message to each other. If your able to read this message, please know that your Daddy and the entire world loves you. Please don’t lose faith. We will find you…. I love you always and forever!’

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SOURCE: Daily Mail