Help Afghan Christians in Iran Before It Is Too Late

Click the photo to help Afghan Christians through Heart4Iran! (Photo courtesy of Heart4Iran)

Fear rises in Iran as officials tear down camps housing Afghan refugees. Afghan refugees in Iran recently discussed their concerns with France24.

According to local sources, Iranian authorities forced thousands of Afghan refugees to return to their homeland “after coming to an agreement with the Taliban.” Iran currently hosts an estimated four million Afghan refugees, and another influx poses economic and security problems.

In a report released last week, Middle East Institute analyst Fatemeh Aman explains Iran’s vulnerability and security concerns:

Tehran has a genuine fear that Islamic State-Khorasan Province (ISKP) insurgents might infiltrate into Iran as refugees. This concern is so serious within the government and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps that it may have been the driving factor behind Iran’s efforts to cozy up with the Taliban since 2016. They feel the eastern borders are vulnerable and consider only the Taliban able to fight ISKP.

Meanwhile, Christians and other minorities face increasing danger in Afghanistan. On Thursday, one of the founders of the Taliban promised the return of hardline Islamic rule and punishments. Amnesty International documents the Taliban’s ongoing human rights abuses.

The situation remains fluid, and believers warn against misinformation regarding Afghan Christians.

An Afghan pastor partnering with Heart4Iran says some desperate Afghans “fake it until they make it” – out of the country, that is. “We should be very careful. Many people [go] by the name of Christian [because] they want to come out of Afghanistan. They are false believers,” the pastor says.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray for the country of Afghanistan and its hurting people.
  • Pray Afghans will find peace, strength, and the light of Christ during this tragedy.