Rev. Anthony Evans, President of The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), Announces the Passing of His Most Beloved Pastor and Mentor, Rev. John W. Davis, at 99 Years-Old

Washington DC – The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), a coalition of 150,000 African American and Latino churches representing 27.7 million members, sadly announced the passing of the honorable Rev. John W. Davis, pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., at the ripe age of 99. He was the oldest living pastor in America. Pastor Davis was the pastor of Rev. Evans.

Rev. John W. Davis was considered the dean and the oldest living pastor in the Black Church. His fellow clergy will sadly miss him across the country, as well as families, and church members of Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Washington, D.C. He represented what the young people say is the “Old School” of teaching and pastoring – if you were sick, he would call and visit; if you were sad, he would make you laugh, and if you loved Christ, he would teach you the Good News.

Rev. Anthony Evans, President of NBCI, says, “We have lost a giant of our time. He truly loved the Lord, and he represented his style of teaching and pastoring that has no standing in the modern approaches of ministry. He was not a theologian but a preacher, and he preached Christ crucified, and Christ saved. He was the oldest pastor in the country, and he served as a mentor, a friend, and a gentleman. NBCI ministers around the country mourn this great loss. He will be missed among the brethren.”

Sister Wendy Evans, Pastor Evans’ wife, says, “He was my pastor, and I could always call on him for prayer and direction.”

He was a native of Kentucky and a member of the Baptist Ministers Conference of Washington, D.C., and vicinity. He also represented as a member of the 700 Club.

The Rev. Sheldon Williams, Pastor of the Co-Op City Baptist Church in Bronx, New York, and the Chairman of NBCI Minister Alliance says, “Mt. Zion is one of our anchor churches around the country, and we could always call and count on Pastor Davis to stand in the gap for NBCI.”

He is survived by his 97-year-old wife, Mrs. Ruth Davis, of North Carolina.

Funeral arrangements have not been announced at the time of this press release.

About the NBCI

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