Daniel Whyte III in His 10th “Rescue the Perishing, Care for the Dying” Daily Message on Friday Morning, Which is a Third Extension of the Just Jesus Evangelistic Campaign, After the “Standing Between the Living and the Dead” Services which are still Ongoing, Respectfully and Lovingly Encourages Dr. Tony Evans, Who Is the Conscience of the Evangelical Movement, And Pastor Dwight McKissic, Who Is the Conscience of the Southern Baptist Convention, to Prayerfully Consider Leaving These Movements to Save Their Own Good Name and Legacy and to Hopefully Set Free Thousands of Others Because Both Movements have Morphed into One, And That Even Though They Were So Promising at One Point, Have Become Corrupt and Have Caused Great Harm in America to the Point of Causing, he Believes, God to Put the Coronavirus Plague Upon the Church Because They did Not Obey the Lord Jesus Christ’s Great Commandment or Great Commission, and Second, Clandestinely Compromising on the Abomination of Homosexuality and Sanctioning it in the Church and Allowing the Government to Sanction it in the Nation, and Third, Gross Sexual Immorality With a Present Situation in the Southern Baptist Convention Where They Are Going Down the Same Road as the Catholic Church, Not to Mention a Gross Plagiarism Scandal Involving the President of the Southern Baptist Convention Like the World Has Never Seen. The Southern Baptist Convention and the Evangelical Movement Are Both on the Titanic and the Titanic Is Perpendicular and There is No Need for These Two Good Men to Go Down With the Ship When They Could Save Themselves and Save Thousands of Others. Daniel Whyte III Also Said in the Sermon That True Christians Need to Shed the Name Evangelical for We Were First Called CHRISTIANS at Antioch, and we Need to go Back to Being Called CHRISTIANS. He Believes that Somewhere Along the Line, the Word Evangelical was a Compromise with the World to be More Accepted by the World, Especially in Political Circles, Similar to the Demonic Merry X-mas.