Fox News Host Ainsley Earhardt New Series “Beyond and Back” Highlights Miraculous Stories of Surviving Death, Visiting the Afterlife

Ainsley Earhardt, best known as the current co-host of the morning cable news show Fox & Friends, has launched a new series that she says will provide proof of the afterlife.

Earhardt, an outspoken Christian, released the five-part series Beyond and Back on Fox Nation late last month. Each episode details stories of believers and non-believers who survived death and briefly experienced the afterlife.

“The series uncovers five intriguing stories of believers and non-believers who overcome adversity after traveling somewhere beyond this life,”  Earhardt told The Christian Post in a recent interview.  “Most of them can’t explain how they survived death, were lifted from Hell and went to Heaven and back. But what they experienced has transformed their lives forever.”

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SOURCE: Christian Headlines, Milton Quintanilla