Protesters tell Al Sharpton ‘we don’t want your racism in Texas’ – forcing him to cut short his tour of Del Rio bridge – as camp clears but more migrants are still marching to the border

Al Sharpton’s press conference at the Haitian migrant camp in Del Rio, Texas descended into farce on Thursday, as hecklers cut him short, accusing him of exploiting the crisis.

Sharpton was forced to end his speech after just over two minutes, as he was shouted down by furious hecklers with one yelling, ‘we don’t want your racism in Texas’.

The squalid border camp which held up to 15,000 at one point last weekend has now shrunk to under 3,000, as immigration officials rushed to release thousands of migrants into the US, but another camp is growing across the Rio Grande in Mexico.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Thursday that as many as 2,000 Haitians had been released into the US pending hearings – but failed to reveal where a further 3,000 are.

At his disastrous press conference, Sharpton began his statement by slamming US Customs and Border Patrol for using ‘slave-like tactics’ against the migrants.

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Source: Daily Mail