There’s a devil loose: 11 men who tortured and gang-raped a Moroccan teen for two months carving tattoos into her body and burning her with cigarettes are jailed for 20 years in case that sparked global outrage

Khadija Okkarou, 17, (pictured) was kidnapped and sold to a gang who raped and forcibly tattooed her before she was dumped back at her family home near Beni Melal after two months. The case sparked outrage in Morocco and across the world as it emerged she endured extreme violence during the ordeal with a video posted online in 2018 (right) showing her arms, legs and neck covered in tattoos and cigarette burns. The eleven responsible have each been sentenced to 20 years in prison. Okkarou’s lawyer, Ibrahim Hachane, said the criminal chamber of the appeal court in the central town of Beni Mellal found the accused guilty on various charges including rape, and kidnapping and forcible confinement.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail