Sammy Tippit to Start Online Discipleship and Leadership Training Course for Nicaraguan Christians

Photo courtesy of Kaufdex from Pixabay.

In the Central American country of Nicaragua, COVID-19 continues running rampant through the population. People have to wait in line for oxygen, and the country never took any measures to stop the spread.

The government denies any COVID-19 outbreaks, but independent doctors see countless people sick and thousands of deaths. The Catholic Church has also reported the deaths of several priests from COVID-19. Most people in Nicaragua know someone who has been sick. The vaccinations process has only recently picked up, as the government hopes to vaccinate 32% of the population by October.

Discipleship conference

Sammy Tippit recently held an online conference to encourage Nicaraguan Christians. “It was just a tremendous blessing. The pastors were really excited. In fact, what they` want to do is start discipleship and leadership training, online through Zoom with the pastors in the country.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Ask God to protect and strengthen the Nicaraguan church as COVID-19 continues to spread.