This Is a Crying Shame: Texas School Board Completely Fires “Critical Race Theory Principal” Who Was Told to Remove Intimate Facebook Pictures With White Wife

A Texas school board has moved towards firing a principal over claims he pushed critical theory after he raised eyebrows over an intimate Facebook photoshoot with his wife.

On Monday, the Grapevine Colleyville Independent School District school board unanimously voted 7-0 for the non-renewal of Colleyville Heritage High School principal Dr. James Whitfield’s contract.

It is the first step in a two-step process that could see Whitfield lose his job. He will now be forced to publicly defend his position before a final vote is held on whether he should remain as principal.

Whitfield was placed on paid administrative leave in August after a former school board candidate accused him of teaching and promoting critical race theory. Concerns were also raised from the district about a decade-old beachside photoshoot he took with his wife for a previous wedding anniversary.

They were snapped enjoying an intimate – but fully clothed – outdoor embrace for a shoot with a professional photographer and sparked concerns after they were uncovered on his Facebook profile.

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Source: Daily Mail