Polish court delays ruling on primacy of EU law

WARSAW, Sept 22 (Reuters) – Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal on Wednesday adjourned its sitting on whether the country’s constitution or European Union treaties take precedence. An EU commissioner said earlier the challenge was holding up the release of EU funds to Warsaw.

Poland is involved in a series of disputes with the EU on issues ranging from courts and media freedom to LGBT rights, as critics accuse its nationalist government of inching towards an exit from the bloc.

“Due to the emergence of new circumstances and new allegations and to be able to ask insightful questions … the Constitutional Tribunal adjourns until Sept. 30,” the head of the Tribunal, Julia Przylebska, said after hearing the parties.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki brought the case as part of a dispute with the EU over changes to Poland’s judicial system, which Brussels says may undermine judicial independence.

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Source: Reuters