Chinese Officials Harass Church Members, Swarm Beach to Block New Believers from Being Baptized

Members of a house church in the Guangdong province of China were harassed and interrogated by communist authorities while on a trip celebrating the church’s fifth anniversary.

According to China Aid, congregants with Trinity Gospel Harvest Church planned a trip earlier this month to stay at a hotel in Huizhou beach, however, police warned some members not to go because they didn’t want them to baptize any new believers.

The Chinese government had been monitoring the church members after leaders signed a statement titled, “A Declaration for the Sake of the Christian Faith” which was written by Pastor Wang Yi with Early Rain Covenant Church.

The declaration advocates for religious freedom.

The day before the celebration, church members were eating lunch at a restaurant when the hotel owner informed them that their reservation was canceled and he would refund their payments.

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Source: CBN