Judge Erases Conviction of Man in Fire That Killed 5 Kids

PONTIAC, Mich. (AP) — A judge on Tuesday threw out the murder conviction of a man who was blamed for a fire that killed five children in 2000 after a new prosecutor said the investigation and trial in suburban Detroit were marred by misconduct.

Juwan Deering will remain in custody while Oakland County prosecutor Karen McDonald decides whether he should face a second trial.

Deering, 50, has served 15 years of a life sentence. McDonald said critical evidence that would have cast doubt on the case was not shared with the defense before trial.

“Everyone is entitled to due process of law,” McDonald, a former judge, told Judge Jeffrey Matis.

Children were killed in a fire at a home in Royal Oak Township. Authorities at the time said the fire was revenge for drug debts, though Deering repeatedly declared his innocence. No one could identify him as being at the property.

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Source: US News