Jews and Christians Kick-Off Joyous Sukkot Holiday in Israel

JERUSALEM, Israel – Makeshift tents can be seen throughout Israel as Jews around the world began the weeklong Sukkot festival Monday night.

Sukkot comes from the Hebrew word “Sukkah” – the name given to the temporary dwellings Jews erect outside their homes during the holiday. It’s there that families gather for meals, meet with friends, and sometimes even sleep.

The flimsy dwelling is meant to remind the Jewish people of how God provided for their forefathers as they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years after escaping captivity in Egypt.

Sukkot is the third of the three pilgrimage festivals after Passover and Shavuot, when Jews throughout Israel were commanded to go up to Jerusalem. It is also a celebration of the bountiful fall harvest.

Families decorate the sukka with replicas of fruits and vegetables, strings of lights, and an endless selection of bangles, beads and children’s artwork. Palm fronds cover the roof, allowing the sky to peep through.

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Source: CBN