Six dead as gunman opens fire at Russian university: Terrified students leap from windows as heavily armed attacker dressed in black stalks campus before being killed by cops

Six people have been killed and at least 32 injured in a gun massacre carried out by a heavily-armed teenage shooter at a Russian university.

Terrified students were seen jumping from windows as 18-year-old Timur Bekmansurov went on the rampage at the Perm State University in Russia’s Ural mountains.

The lone gunman was seen in chilling footage stalking the campus holding a hunting rifle while dressed in black combat gear.

His attack only came to an end when cops shot him down. Some reports said he was dead but others say he is in grave condition in hospital.

In social media posts before the attack, the teenager posted that he ‘liked causing pain to people’ and said ‘I will do all in my power to kill as many as I can. Only a few of you deserve to live.’

The gunman was identified as a student at the university who had obtained the hunting rifle in May.

‘I’ve thought about this for a long time, it’s been years, and I realised the time had come to do what I dreamt of,’ said another posting on a social media account.

It indicated that his actions had nothing to do with politics or religion but were motivated by hatred.

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Source: Daily Mail