VIU, TSU Co-host International Symposium on Archaeology and the Bible to Increase Interest in Biblical Archaeology

Dr. William Dever presenting information on the Golden Age of Solomon

Will the real Exodus Pharaoh please stand up?  Before an answer is given to the Pharaoh question, a few words are in store concerning the International Symposium on Archaeology and the Bible.

Co-hosted by Veritas International University and Trinity Southwest University, the three-day conference was held at the Albuquerque Hotel Convention Center from September 9-11, 2021, attended by roughly 125 scholars, students, and interested lay people from around the globe.  Parties from Italy, Israel, Canada, and the United States participated in an engaging and enthralling symposium.  Leading scholars such as Dr. Jodi Magness, Dr. Robert Mullins, Dr. Aaron Burke, Dr. Craig Olson, Dr. Ravi Arav, Dr. Scott Stripling, and Dr. William Dever—presented information on a host of topics, ranging from Masada to Sodom.

I reach out to co-sponsor Dr. Joseph Holden, President of Veritas International University (VIU) and co-author of a book on Biblical archaeology (The Popular Handbook of Archaeology and the Bible), about the importance of the event.

“Biblical archaeology is on the decline in many mainline universities and Christian colleges around the country, with many Biblical archaeology department chairs being cut and funding for digs reduced or eliminated. It is essential Christian universities, particularly evangelical schools, take a leading role in the development of Biblical archaeology.  The International Symposium on Archaeology and the Bible is a much-needed conference on current developments in Biblical archaeology, allowing participants to hear from leading scholars.  Our program at VIU has seen substantial growth around Biblical archaeology and participating in the conference shows VIU’s commitment to the importance of the field.”

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SOURCE: Assist News Service, Brian Nixon