English judge declares Prince Andrew was properly served with sex-abuse lawsuit

The fog surrounding the question of whether Prince Andrew was properly served with a New York sex-abuse lawsuit cleared a bit Wednesday after an English high court authority declared he was.

Meanwhile, a federal judge in New York slapped down Andrew’s legal team’s effort to get access to a 12-year-old settlement agreement in a separate lawsuit that the lawyers think could fend off the sex-abuse lawsuit against him.

“The request to permit disclosure of the settlement agreement is denied,” ordered U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska, although she noted that Andrew may yet seek to unseal it for “valid reasons” as part of discovery in the sex-abuse lawsuit in the future.

But the Duke of York, who has yet to acknowledge that he’s been properly served with the paperwork for the lawsuit, doesn’t want the matter to get that far, not even as far as pre-trial discovery.

On the English side of the Atlantic, developments in the matter have not been favorable to Andrew. In a letter Wednesday to the New York lawyers for Andrew’s accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a judge known as the “Senior Master of the Queen’s Bench Division,” one of the oldest judicial offices in England, declared that she was satisfied that the Americans had met the requirements of international treaty standards for process service in a civil matter.

“I confirm that service of legal process on solicitors acting for a party who have confirmed that they have instructions to accept service is valid service under English law,” wrote Barbara Fontaine, the Senior Master, who also bears the antique title of “Queen’s Remembrancer.”

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Source: Yahoo