unfoldingWord Teaches Sudanese Arabs How to Facilitate Bible Translation

Image depicts a Sudanese Arab man. (Wikimedia Commons)

A new endeavor from unfoldingWord is building bridges to Bible translation in more than 2,500 languages! Tim*, an unfoldingWord leader, says the Gateway Languages Strategy is a different, yet calculated, approach to Bible translation.

“The traditional approach to Bible translation is to go from English into a minority language. But globally, there seems to be almost a ‘hubbing’ of language-use patterns around certain key languages. There are about 50 of these ‘gateway’ languages,” Tim explains.

“If we can create the resources needed to achieve excellence in Bible translation, and make those (resources) available in these gateway languages, then the entire global Church could have access.”

Put another way, Christians worldwide can take up Bible translation when they have tools and training in a language they understand, leading to new opportunities in minority languages. Watch the video on unfoldingWord’s homepage to learn more.

“Overall, we want to see these resources available in all 50 gateway languages, but our primary focus right now is seven key gateway languages,” Tim says.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray for Sudanese leaders learning how to train their own trainers for Bible translation, and how to train their own translators. Pray the work of church-centric Bible translation will bear much fruit in the weeks and years to come.
  • Pray the Gateway Languages Strategy will greatly accelerate the pace of remaining Bible translation work in minority languages.