Part of the Dismantling and Destruction of America Is That People Are Losing Their Minds Over Little Things. As a Rapper Said, Don’t Push Them Because They’re Already Close to the Edge: Woman Says ‘I’m Vaccinated, B****!’, and Attacks California Restaurant Worker With Cleaning Spray for Not Wearing a Mask and Demands to See Her Vaccine Card Before Hitting Another Staff Member

This is the moment an allegedly drunk woman attacks a California restaurant worker for not wearing a mask before hitting another who tried to intervene.

The unnamed woman, branded a ‘Karen’ after the cellphone footage went viral, was filmed pushing, throwing things at and spraying cleaning spray at a female employee at Market Broiler in Huntington Beach, California.

Despite not wearing a mask herself, the Karen attacks the restaurant supervisor, demanding to see her vaccination card and bragging that she herself didn’t need to wear one because ‘I’m vaccinated b****!’

The nearly seven minute-long video begins with the already hysterical customer screaming in the face of the staff member that she ‘doesn’t know what it feels like’ to be discriminated against’.

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Source: Daily Mail