Skillet’s John Cooper Says He Was Promised Fame if He Stopped Talking About Jesus; Daniel Whyte III Says Sad to Say, Many Preachers Have Been Promised Fame and Fortune if They Would Not Preach the Whole Counsel of God. They Were Told That You Can Preach the Gospel but You Cannot Preach the Things That Accompany Salvation, the Whole Counsel of God, and Like Judas They Have Taken the 30 Pieces of Silver and Now America, That Was Once Great, Is Being Completely Dismantled and Destroyed

Skillet’s John Cooper is known as the hard-rocking frontman who isn’t afraid to talk about Jesus. But a decade ago, he faced a crossroads in his career where he was promised more fame if he would stop talking so much about Christ.

That moment, he told Focus on the Family’s broadcast in an episode released Monday, took place around 10 years ago when Skillet was rising on the rock charts.

Cooper also discusses the moment in his new book, Awake and Alive to Truth.

The discussion involved Cooper, an agent, a promoter and another music businessman who was a “mover and shaker,” Cooper says in his book.

“After a gig, we were on tour with some mainstream acts – very popular acts. We were opening,” Cooper told Focus on the Family. “And we were just beginning to kind of hit a little bit [in popularity]. This guy, in his defense, he was being very nice. … And he pulled me aside, and he said, ‘John, I want to tell you this, because no one else is gonna tell you. You guys, I believe, could be the biggest band in the world. … You guys have the look, you’ve got the sound, you’ve got girls in your band … And you guys also sing about very spiritual things.’… And he’s saying, people really want spiritual music, and you’ve already got it, you’ve been doing it.”

The conversation then turned to Cooper’s faith. Skillet, a rock band with multiple crossover hits, is composed of Christians.

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Source: Christian Headlines