Pit Bull who was Dumped at a Mexican Shelter with a Horrific Infection that Made his Mouth Rot and ‘Smell Like Death’ Makes Incredible Recovery and Gets Adopted by Owner who Fell for his Lopsided New Look

A rescue dog whose jaw was completely destroyed by a mysterious infection that left the poor pup’s face rotting and ‘smelling like death’ has made a miraculous recovery – and is now living a healthy, happy life with new owners.

Two-year-old pit bull Bud was left at an animal shelter in Mexico in the summer of 2020, where workers found that he was suffering from a horrific infection that was causing his jaw to decay.

The infection had worked its way through much of his mouth and was so severe that carers were unsure whether they would be able to save him.

They turned to the experts at Animal Pad, a San Diego-based shelter, which brought Bud to the US and helped to secure a vet who agreed to perform a risky operation to remove the rotting half of his jaw.

Remarkable, the surgery went off without a hitch, and Bud was back on his feet the very next day, barking and wagging his tail – clearly unfazed by the fact that his tongue now dangles permanently out of the side of his mouth.

In an even happier twist to his tale, Bud caught the eye of San Diego local Jill Catellano, 27, who saw his story on Instagram after the Animal Pad shared an update about his condition.

Seeing his happy face and sweet demeanor, Jill quickly fell in love with Bud and contacted the shelter straight away in order to start the adoption process.

After one quick meeting in a local park, Jill knew that she was meant to give the pit bull his forever home.

‘He came up to me and licked my face, and he sat right down in my lap – I couldn’t stop laughing at how much he wiggled his butt and how his tongue always hangs out of his mouth. He was a goof, and I wanted him to be my goof,’ Jill, a journalist, said.

She adopted Bud in late July 2020 and brought him home, where he settled right in to his new life with Jill and her partner Andrew, 30.

‘Bud is very sweet and also very energetic. He loves people. He falls in love with everybody he meets,’ she revealed.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail