Church Leaders Say Diplomatic Process Must Be Fair for Peace in Ethiopian Conflict

As tensions continue to mount in the ongoing civil war in Ethiopia that has left thousands dead and some 2 million people displaced, leaders in the North American Dioceses of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church urged the Biden administration and Congress this week to intensify efforts to bring an end to the conflict in Tigray.

Ten archbishops attended meetings this week with the U.S. State Department, Congress and the White House, calling for a “fair” diplomatic process that will hold the Tigray People’s Liberation Front accountable for atrocities they have committed.

“The atrocities that have been done by this terrorist organization is untold,” Archbishop Abune Fanuel of Washington D.C. and chairperson for the Ethiopian Religious Council told The Christian Post in an interview Thursday. “Millions have been destabilized from their property and the kind of damage they do to the people takes different forms.”

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Source: Christian Post