Fifth Conservative Radio Talk Show Host Dies of Coronavirus in Six Weeks

For years, Bob Enyart used his conservative media platform in Denver to mock those who died of AIDS by name or call for women who receive abortions to face the death penalty. Recently, the radio talk-show host — who had successfully sued the state over mask mandates and capacity limits in Colorado churches last year — joined a chorus of conservative voices who have bashed the coronavirus vaccine and vowed to stay unvaccinated.

In Enyart’s case, he pushed for boycotting vaccination because of the debunked claim that the vaccines were developed using aborted fetal cells.

“While it is not inherently sinful to take an immorally-developed” vaccine, he wrote on his website last month, Enyart urged people to “boycott” the vaccines “to further increase social tension and put pressure on the child killers.”

But weeks after he and his wife, Cheryl, tested positive for the virus after being unvaccinated, Enyart died of covid-19, his radio co-host announced Monday. Enyart was 62.

“It comes with an extremely heavy heart that my close friend and co-host of Real Science Radio has lost his battle with Covid,” Fred Williams said in a Facebook post. “Bob Enyart was one of the smartest, and without question, the wisest person I’ve known.”

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Source: MSN