SAT-7 and Heart for Lebanon Team Up to Quell Lebanon’s Increasing Poverty

Thousands of families in Lebanon receive care, hope, and survival essentials through Heart for Lebanon. (Photo, caption courtesy of Heart for Lebanon)

Lebanon sinks to a new low. According to the United Nations, more than 70-percent of Lebanese now live below the poverty line. The rate was less than 30-percent before the 2019 revolt began. Nonetheless, hope remains.

“More people than ever are open to the Gospel. They’re searching; they’re coming and asking, ‘What’s the answer? How can you help me?’” Heart for Lebanon’s Tom Atema says.

“It gives Christians an opportunity to step up and be the salt and light God’s called us to be.”

Heart for Lebanon is rolling out a new ministry model this month. More about Heart for Lebanon’s work here. “We will be starting a new phase, partnering with 28 local churches in Beirut to help them minister to the people in their neighborhood,” Atema says.

“They’ve been adding numbers to their churches exponentially, numbers only God could produce.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray Heart for Lebanon’s changes will help Syrian refugees, and the Lebanese, hear the Gospel message.
  • Pray many people will turn to Christ as they see His unity and love on display.
  • Pray Lebanese churches will continue seeing the benefits of collaboration and teamwork.