Virginia Officials Abandon Search for 1887 Time Capsule Buried Under Robert E. Lee Statue That Was Said to Contain Picture of Abraham Lincoln in His Coffin

Officials called off the search for an 1887 time capsule buried under the Robert E. Lee statue that was said to contain a picture of Abraham Lincoln in his coffin – after just 12 hours of digging.

Crews removed up to 8,000 pounds of granite blocks from the base of the 40-foot-high concrete pedestal Thursday in search of the copper box filled with Civil War relics before an aide for Governor Ralph Northam called it a night and said the search was over.

‘After a long hard day, it’s clear the time capsule won’t be found — and Virginia is done with lost causes,’ chief communications officer for the governor Grant Neely told the Richmond Times-Dispatch in an email Thursday night. ‘The search for this moldy Confederate box is over. We’re moving on.’

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Source: Daily Mail