How You Will Be Impacted by Biden’s Vaccine Mandate: Inside the Details of the Sweeping New Rules for 100 Million Americans Including When It Begins and How It Will Be Enforced (and if It’s Legal)

President Joe Biden announced the federal government’s aggressive new approach to fight the COVID-19 pandemic on Thursday, which include new vaccine rules that the White House says will affect two-third of the American workforce.

The strategy involves six steps all aimed at boosting the US vaccination rate, which fell over the summer as a new wave fueled by the Delta variant plunged health care systems in areas with largely unvaccinated populations back into disarray.

About 73.4 percent of Americans over the age of 12 have at least one vaccine dose, but less than 63 percent are fully vaccinated – far short of the threshold to reach herd immunity.

Biden’s approach includes mandating all federal employees and federal contractors get vaccinated, requiring vaccinations for more than 17 million healthcare workers at Medicare and Medicaid-participating facilities and requiring all businesses with 100 or more employees to tell their workers to get vaccinated or submit to weekly COVID testing.

But the unprecedented nature of the announcement left many confused on how vaccination requirements would be implemented on such a wide scale.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki did little on Friday to unravel those mysteries at her daily White House briefing.

Asked about how otherwise expensive testing equipment would be funded and whether the White House would weigh in on a timeline for private businesses to enact the rule, she didn’t provide any direct answers but rather said there were plans ready for the government to aid and assist employers.

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Source: Daily Mail