Global Prayer Event ‘Africa Returns’ Calls on Christians to Pray for Revival Across the Continent

A global movement of prayer and repentance is taking place this Friday in Ibadan, Nigeria as thousands of Christians are expected to gather for “Africa Returns.”

The event follows last September’s “The Return” where believers from all denominations and backgrounds united for prayer and worship in Washington, D.C. including 42 million people who watched it via livestream.

Dr. Oluwasayo Ajiboye, chairman of Africa Returns, had the idea to hold to this year’s event in Africa.

“We believe that all the things that have been happening in Africa – the violence, the confusion, the leadership problems, the injustice, the wars, the famines – that when we return to God, God will have an answer for these things, and that the leadership problems that look intractable, when we return to God, like the children of Israel, God will bring a solution,” said Dr. Ajiboye.

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Source: CBN