Daniel Whyte III, who preached the Gospel nearly every day for over 5 years in the Just Jesus Evangelistic Campaign leading up to the coronavirus plague and has predicted this plague for over 11 years and whom God has “let none of his words fall to the ground,” is calling on 1000 God-called, sin-hating, right-living, Spirit-filled preachers, be you prophet, evangelist, pastor, or teacher, be you red, yellow, black, or white, to preach the Gospel for 100 days straight from September 15 through Christmas Day, as the University of Washington predicts over 100,000 more Americans will die of the coronavirus plague over the next 100 days and thousands more will die around the world. God is giving us the greatest fishing-for-souls opportunity in the history of the world. Put your evangelistic pole in the water, drop your evangelistic nets, and as we see that people are dying and perishing, let’s reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Daniel Whyte III says do not push people to go to the church building but instead utilize the wonderful internet and social media tools that God has wrought and stand flatfooted at your own pulpit, in your own office, in your own living room, and preach the gospel for the glory of God and he believes that thousands and even millions can be saved.