Newborn Left in Dumpster a Sign of Growing Desperation in Lebanon, Horizons International Steps In

Photo courtesy of PoliticalPen via Horizons International

Conditions are so bad in Lebanon right now that some parents decide death is better than life for their newborns.

Pierre Houssney, Executive Director of Horizons International, says people recently found a newborn baby in trash bins near their ministry centers. “Unfortunately, this is becoming more common in Lebanon as people are sinking into destitution,” Houssney says.

“The umbilical cord was torn off, and a beautiful baby girl was left in a plastic bag in a dumpster.”

Thankfully, the same desperation plaguing Lebanon led to the little girl’s rescue. “As soon as new trash bags come, a lot of people jump on them. Desperate people look through the trash for anything valuable or edible. They found the baby quickly,” Houssney says.

A Christian couple wants to adopt the baby, but courts have gridlocked the process. Horizons is raising funds to help with medical costs, as well as the adoption process. You can send a gift here through Horizons’ Facebook fundraiser.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Ask God to remove all barriers so the believers can complete the adoption process.
  • Pray the Lord will bring something good from Lebanon’s ongoing tragedy.