VF Corp. Board Member Veronica Wu Steps Down After Reportedly Calling Black Lives Matter ‘the True Racists’ in Leaked Email

Veronica Wu (McKinsey and Company)

The former board member at one of the nation’s largest retail companies sent a disparaging email to an office manager at a firm she worked for.

VF Corporation is down a board member just days after Axios reported that Veronica Wu called the Black Lives Matter organization “the true racists.” Wu also made dismissive comments about racism in the US.

The apparel company is insisting that Wu made her own decision to step down and it was not the result of the company’s disagreement with her on any matter relating to its “operations, policies or practices.”

VF Corp., one of the largest apparel companies in the US, is the parent company of Vans, North Face, and Timberland.

Per the Axios report, Wu’s controversial comments appeared in an email that she sent in 2020. At the time, she was a managing partner at Hone Capital, a venture capital firm, as well as a board member for VF.

The email she sent was in response to an office manager at the firm regarding the Juneteenth holiday. Juneteenth became a federal holiday in the US this year.

“I don’t believe in Black Lives Matter,” Wu reportedly wrote in the email, saying she was “particularly” not in support of the holiday. “If anything I think they are the true racists trying to stir up things to make this country going to socialism or even communism potentially.”

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SOURCE: The Grio, Brenda Alexander