Staffing Shortage on Rikers Spawning Violent Beatdowns, Wild Parties, and Fatal Overdoses

A staffing crisis on Rikers Island has created a dangerous and chaotic situation for inmates that’s allowed them to assault each other, fatally overdose and post TikTok videos of themselves partying, The Post has learned.

Stunning cellphone video captured inside the beleaguered jail emerged Sunday night that shows three inmates viciously assaulting another, throwing him on a bed and beating him to a pulp as he desperately cries out in pain.

“Why the f–k are you fighting me for?” the inmate can be heard saying in the clip as the three others pummel him with blows to the head and body.

“I’m not a Brim!” he insists, an apparent reference to a subset of the Bloods street gang.

It wasn’t immediately clear if the area where the fight happened was being watched by a correctional officer, but the beatdown lasted at least 25 seconds without anyone intervening to help. On Sunday, at least 33 guarded posts across the jail were unmanned and 22 officers were on triple shifts during two different shifts, said Patrick Ferraiuolo, president of the Correction Captains’ Association.

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Source: NY Post